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if i install or uninstall any program and then restart my computer then windows xp doesn't open and only the lights on my monitor open but no display and in this case if i change my RAM from one slot to another then display opens but after sometime no display for windows xp on my monitor and i thought that there a problem on my RAM and i have change my RAM of my friends and put in my PC then also the same problem occurs.......so what is the solution behind this problem......as well i am
the IT student from nepal so please if you have good solution please reply me
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  1. Try performing a BIOS update for your motherboard..
  2. I personally think it's not hardware problem but software problem.

    what are the programs you are trying to install/uninstall?

    try booting up in safe mode (press f8 repeatability before windows boot up and choose start in safe mode)

    also is your windows up to date ?

    good luck
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