Having trouble with a Radeon 4890

Hi all,

I have been trying to upgrade my system, I was hoping someone could give me some advice. I am trying to upgrade my video card, but I am having difficulties. I have an Acer Aspire E380 with a Radeon 1650SE video card, and a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW monitor. Here are the base stats for the Acer:


I have added a 650w PowerKing power supply, another 2 gb of ddr2 ram, and it is running on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

When the Radeon 4890 is put in the machine it takes awhile to boot. I notice 3 red lights flashing above where the two 6-pin connectors are plugged in. The computer eventually boots, but the monitor is blank and the power button is blinking as though it's on standby. There is no picture.
I bought a pci-e adapter that uses two 4-pin molex and turns them in to one 6-pin pci-e plug. I noticed these things only have 5 actual pins, as I bought several since I thought the first one was defective and missing a pin. I'm not sure if that is the problem. When I unplug the 6-pin adapter plug and boot it up, it boots the same as if both were plugged in, it eventually loads a blank screen. I left the other 6-pin connector from the power supply plugged in. Maybe it's not getting enough power?

Anyways, I was hoping someone would know what I need to buy to get my new video card to work. I bought the Radeon 4890 on eBay, the seller said it was working. I'm hoping he was right. Do I need a different power supply? Motherboard?
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  1. 650watts is more than enough for a 4890. But you bought it from ebay which could be the problem. Buying second hand computer parts is a risky business. But just to make sure, try the card in another computer with newer motherboard and bigger power supply.
  2. First time I hear of a PowerKing PSU maybe that is the problem! Here it is SLI ready with 21amps on the +12 volt rail! http://www.gearxs.com/gearxs/product_info.php?products_id=9662
    I think that explains it! It is a lack of power.
  3. This would be a good replacement for the price $50 after MIR. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341022
  4. yes its the power supply i had 30 amps on the 12volt rail wasnt enough power for
    a 4870
  5. OK, thanks for the answers. I need to get a new power supply with two 6-pin connector's.
  6. Can anyone recommend a low price power supply with two pci-e connectors that would power a 4890? The one rolli posted looks good, but it only has the one pci-e connector.
  7. Actually, I that P/S rolli posted should work fine, I just looked at a picture of a 6+2 pin pci-e connector. The +2 pin isn't attached to the 6 pin, so the 6 pin can be plugged in no problem.

    Thanks again
  8. OK, I bought an Earthwatt 650w Antec power supply. Here is the link:


    I'm getting the same results, it seems it's not getting enough power. I guess I should have bought a much more powerful power supply.
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