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Hey guys,

My current hard drive is outdated, small, and on the verge of destruction. because of this I'm going to be buying a new HDD/SSD. I'm willing to spend $150 to $200, what do you guys recommend? It can be an SSD, HDD, or combo, whatever you guys think is best.

I do have a mobo that supports SATA 6gbs and I primarily game on this pc.

Thanks for the advice!
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  1. For that amount you can buy a nice 240/256gb SSD and use the old HDD as a storage drive and have some money left for a later larger HDD. That will really improve your system performance -- it will have plenty of room for the OS and most if not all of your games and programs.

    Reinstall using AHCI and optimize your SSD with one of the good guides like:
    This hard drive with this SSD:
    That's my recommendation for a balanced approach. Of course, getting a cheaper 500GB hard drive and an SSD cache for it or a 500GB hybrid drive would offer superior performance at reduced capacity and getting a 2TB and a smaller boot disk plus caching SSD would be inferior in performance, but with higher capacity.
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