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I am trying replace the drive in a DOS 486-dx machine. The Machine is a Voice Mail system. The IT guy there gave me a WD drive model WD3200AAJB and in Bios under auto it finds something, but it won't let me install DOS to it. I know that the last one I put a new drive in, I had to manually configure the drive, but they don't come with that information any more.

I opened a ticket with W/D but haven't gotten an answer yet. Since it is for DOS, they are probably still laughing. But this is real. There are still alot of DOS voicemails around. In fact, I have about 20 running PC's, and a lot more of them running flash.

Anyway, anyone now how I need to configure the BIOS for this drive?

Thanks in advance for your help
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  1. So the drive just does not show up in fdisk to be partition. Have you made sure that the drive is not doa as well. You can plug the drive into another newer machine a few years newer and use the auto detect in that bios and write down the Heads, Cylinders, Sectors of that pc bios comes up with. I have done that for a few machines like 386 that don't have auto detect in the bios. Plus you can check to see if the drive works as well. Have you tried using dos box or another virtualbox program to run dos for these apps?
  2. This morning when I got in, I was thinking about this last night, I found an old 40gb IDE drive, mounted it, and voila, it works with auto detect. I configured the WD drive for a slave and mounted it in another WIN pc, won't find it. Guess all this was because the drive they supplied isn't any good.

    Thanks for your help.
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