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I have a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0 and the temps now and again reach 50c during load like when I play a game and do some recording on the same drive. I recently bought a new Case, The Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower and transferred all my parts from my old Thermaltake V9 Case to this 1 and noticed that the temps of the HDD has went up. I currently have two 120mm fans from the corsair H100 in the front blowing into the case onto the HDD's. I have them set to low and the temp will hover around 56c and on high around 49 - 50c in a 26c (80f) room. This is how I currently have the HDDs set up (Media fire pic) http://www.mediafire.com/conv/22dcf6a5cf2b8235342f5d44cff0bb6fa4cf9b6f4db8142ad37d8378d62ad8386g.jpg

The Caviar Black is the top drive, As you can see the drives are spaced apart enough to allow air flow between them. CPU is the 1100T at 4.1ghz and the max temp on that is 55c in this case, thats lower then my old case. Al the other HDD's 2TB Seagate LP transferring 6GB's runs at 33c (middle drive) and the Seagate Barracuda runs at 35c moving 6GB's (bottom drive). I can't figure out why. Notice odd temps after changing cases.

Is 50c safe for the Caviar Black?

Old case the 3 drives were not able to be spaced apart so the drives were close and a crappy stock fan that came with the case was blowing fresh air on them, and the Black drive got to the low 40's with a lot of load on it.

My HD5850 runs at around 50c full load on low fan settings so the temps with everything else is more then fine.


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  1. Your Graphics card is ehausting directly on the hard drive.
    50c is hot for a hard drive. I like to keep mine below 40c.
    Try mounting it in the bottom part of the case away from the video card.
  2. Ah ok, yeah I'll move it down and see how the temp are in the morning.
  3. Temps are still vary similar, I put the Caviar Black in the bottom bay the furthest away from the video card and the temp still reaches 51c. Idle at 44c when nothing but windows and a few programs running. Im using CPUID Hardware Monitor and Hardwareinfo64 and both say the same temps for the HDD.
  4. I have the same case with a 200mm front fanand a pair of GTX 460s. .With my WD 1001FALS temps are 34c to 40c in the very bottom cage. I had the same overheat problem until I moved the hard drive to the bottom and a larger front fan.
    Try turning the front intake fans up to medium. The front filter does cut down on air flow.
  5. 51c is when the fans are up on highest they go 80 some cfm, I wonder if it has something to do with it being the fans are ment to be on a radiator, I'm going to mount the original fans that came with the case in the front and see what happens. This is kinds crazy, never had a HDD run in the 50's, let alone the Caviar Black in a different case ran cooler. :??:
  6. Found out what it was, I swapped out Sata cables and the temp is 34c currently, I havn't seen it brake 40c yet. Not sure if the cables were giving the wrong info or making it hotter, That fixes my long boot times as well.
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