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I just recently installed a new SSD and loaded my OS/programs/drivers onto it. Now I just plugged my old HDD back in so that I can use it to hold games and larger files. The HDD used to be my default drive so it still contains an OS on it, I'm planning on reformatting but when I look at Disk Management the HDD has the 100MB partition "system reserved" from the OS along with the main partition 465GB. I just want to know how I can basically format the entire drive and just make it one partition again. I do not need to save or transfer anything from the old HDD. Should I just format each partition separately and they'll automatically combine after?
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  1. You'd have to delete, not format, each partition and then make a new partition across the entire drive. One program that I often use for this is Minitool's partition wizard home edition (it's free).

    Here's a download link if you want to use it:
  2. ... after connecting the HDD ..boot from OS at SSD ... and go to disk management and delete / unpartition the HDD 100 mb ... then do whatever you want with HDD .. if you want to set up OS on it its better to make primary partition for it
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