Computer turns off when I touch PS2 ports

I just had friend install the following upgrades and components to my old HP computer.
and an nVidia GeForce 8400 GS video card (i believe)

There may be other problems, but the main problem we're having right now is that it won't turn on unless the keyboard is plugged into the PS2 port. If we take it out, the machine turns off. There was one time it didn't turn off when we took it out, but it did when we plugged it back in.

Any help/solutions/ideas would really be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. it's in the machine right now. how do i identify if and where a short is?
  2. no, i'm using a diff computer right now. but once we hit this problem yesterday, we gave up for the day. so it's still in the case, hooked up, and everything.

    that being said, i probably could use that computer, as long as i don't touch the ps2 ports.

    so how do i identify a short?
  3. so...... after getting after it again today... the ps2 port had no effect on anything, but after some trial and error of seeing if there were are issues, the power supply appears to have died... weird
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