257 Drivers no good?

Wasn't sure EXACTLY where to post this but thought this was the best way to talk to fellow Nvidia users. I installed the latest drivers for my GTX 285's in SLI, and they have been just AWFUL! Wondered if anyone else is having my problems, which are...

1) Stuttering, horrible stuttering in games. Also, running benchmarks like 3DMark, Resident Evil 5 benchmarks etc. the problem is very apparent. Score drops in 3DMark from 22900 beforehand to about 18000 afterwards.

2)Windows Experience index score actually dropped from 7.9 to 7.8. I know I know, the WEI is laughable and doesn't really give a true indication of anything, but the fact that I'm using the exact same hardware and after the driver update the score is affected tells me that something in the way this driver changes my 3D rendering is a real issue and not just my imagination.

I did install these drivers correctly, uninstall, safe mode, driver sweeper etc. I uninstalled the 257 drivers back to 197, reinstalled, same exact issues.

I've heard these drivers are great for the 400 series but I'm wondering if any other 200 series owners are noticing issues like I've gotten.

If I'm not doing something horribly wrong with my install I guess I'll just stick to 197 for now.
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  1. I'm using the 257.21 driver on both of my rigs and have had no problems at all so far.
  2. Got no issues either. Running a single GTX285. 3Dmark06 dropped 100 pts. Other then that, my framerates have been spot on. Resident Evil is actually a little higher for me. Also, no stuttering in BC2 at all.
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