HOW TO CHANGE ram latency from 5-5-5-15 to 4-4-4-12

i have a asus m4a785-m mb and im trying to change my ram timings got 4 g of crucial ballistix ram made for 4-4-4 12 but coming up 55518 any ideas
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  1. Leave it alone, there's no difference whatsoever, only in benchmarks.
  2. but i paid for the lower frequencies I appreciate you but i would like to know how to change it on my mb it isnt simplified as lets say republic of gamers mb so basically ima asking which "letters" to change lik cas ras that sorta thing i shall read on thanks mosox
  3. Look at the "Memory clock mode" and make sure it's half of what your RAM frequency is rated for in the specifications. 400 for 800MHz RAM, 533 for 1066MHz RAM, etc. If it isn't what it should be, change it manually.

    Go in the "DRAM timing mode" and set it to manual. Manually change the timings in there to the ones you want.

    TCL to 4CLK
    TRCD to 4CLK
    TRP to 4CLK
    TRAS to 12CLK

    Save and exit.

    Check with this

    LE If anything goes wrong, power off, take out the BIOS battery on the mobo for a while and put it back in.
  4. thanks cpu-z's great software n if u have amd . amd overdrive great for stress test and fast benchmarks ;) thanks again oh any just wondering can u boot express gate and winki on asus mb or winki has to be msi and asus express gate just curious
  5. Express gate only opens a browser, it doesn't load the OS. Winki is Linux not Windows.
  6. winki would need its own disk space like dual booting windows xp and 7 or ubuntu and fedora
  7. express gate is linux based but asus took all the glory hey corporations for ya
  8. thanks
  9. check my profile gr8 mb
  10. Quote:
    I have the same case too.....

    Great case lots of room i made some slight mods got 2 blue led fans on top of case extra cooling room for ram and extra exaust ;) 1degree c lower cpu temp and 2 degree c on graphics card with top fans installed ( on top of case)
  11. it seems when change the latency to 4412 my cpu oc is unstable i guess il can live with 55518 lol but it is a lil more resposive not oc hmmm i need to study more oh any advice for graphics card currently got hd 4659 from his nice on med low but want something better.... 6879 is prob gonna be my choice n if i get an nvidea card thats dx 11 capable will it run hybrid crossfire hmmm
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