Installing games from cd on another hard drive

Hi all I need some help installing games on my second hard drive. I can install games but most of the time I get errors about cab files or files that cant be read.

on my C drive I never ever get problems installing games. I have a very clean second hard drive that is weekly checked and cleaned using defrag and cleaning tools. my windows seven is fully updated and I have no problems with my avg. also my avg is not blocking anything and I have turned it off to see if it makes any difference. It doesn't!
please could someone offer some help?

many thanks Richard
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  1. Are these legitimate games or pirated? If they are legitimate, contact technical support as this should not be happening. I install games to secondary drives all the time with no problems. If they are pirated, well, you get what you deserve.
  2. they are from CD and sometimes it happens from steam. steam is installed on my second hard drive and normally when it gets to 70-75% that's when the error with cab file appears.

    thanks for quick reply
  3. Is the drive full or near full? If so, it may just need more space. Have you run a chkdsk against the drive? If not, open a command prompt (possibly as admin) and type:

    chkdsk d: /f

    substituting "d" with your drive letter. For a longer more thorough check, you can use:

    chkdsk d: /f /r

    but be warned, this can take a while depending on how large the drive is.
  4. bad connection? bad cable? how old is the disk?
  5. hi I have 244gb free and the cd's are f1 2011, 2012 okay because of steam. I think the problem started when I upgraded to windows 64 bit

    also last week i put new cd drive in....
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