Best Sub $70 Card to Upgrade from 3650

I'm looking for the best card under about $70 to upgrade from a ATI 3650 with 512mb of Ram. I just need a slight boost in my 1680x1040 gaming. Nothing too crazy, being able to use some AA/AF would be nice.

I was looking at a 9800GT for $70 (512)
5570 for $80 (1 Gig)
4650 for $40 (512 GDDR2)
GT 240 (1 Gig) for $60
GTS 250 (1 gig) for $100 I threw this one in since I wanted to know how much faster it is than the others listed. It's getting a little pricey at this point but if its really worth it I could see getting it.

Though if something like the 4650 is good enough I rather spend $40 now, and pick up a better card dirt cheap like that in 12 months.

Any help would be great at this price point a few dollars can really give a big boost in performance I'd imagine. I'd like to keep it within the 50-70ish range though.
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  1. Performance wise the GTS250 is about ~20% faster than the second best on your list which is 9800GT. Both cards are great upgrade from HD3650
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