I installed a new blank hard drive in a Dell desktop. It will not run Windows 7.
I can not get it to do anything, the screen shows.
strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

That's all that the screen has.
I changed Boot Sequence to IDE CD-ROM Device but that has not helped.

I have no idea what to do? Anyone know?
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  1. You need to switch the first boot device to CD/DVD. Make sure the windows install dvd is in the drive. Watch the boot screen. Most times, you need to hit a key to boot from CD/DVD otherwise it bypasses the DVD boot and tries to boot from the hard drive.

    If this doesn't work, try the CD/DVD in another computer to see if it works properly.
  2. Depending on the Dell model, it might also not have boot discs, but a hidden 'restore partition'. You will have to find out which your Dell has and what key sequence to use to activate the restore partition (sometimes F8, sometimes F10). It would be helpful to know what model Dell and even the service tag on the bottom, then it can be looked up to see if it ever shipped with discs at all...
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