Modding a Dell XPS 410 case

So I've got a Dell XPS 410 as a secondary comp. I've upgraded it over the years (GTX 275 / Q6600 / 4gb DDR2 800 / OCZ 650w PSU). I somehow got a hold of an Foxconn mobo for an XPS 600 or 700 plus the the cooler/shroud and front panel stuff for $30 -this MOBO is also supposed to be SLI capable. The problem is that the foxconn is much larger than the current mobo in the 410.

Link below shows some internal/external shots of the case:

The difference between my case and the one in the link, is that the HDD brackets are side by side rather than stacked on top of each other. I know I'll have to cut out one or both, but I can mount the HDD's somewhere else as I only have a DVD drive on the 410 currently. The back of the case is just wire mesh and I wouldn't mind cutting into it to make room for the I/O ports on the Foxconn. Has anyone had experience in modding this case? If not do you think I should mod?
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  1. I would but I'm staring at $60-$99 just for a 710/720 case. That aside, someone listed the mobo I picked up for $375?! ( the best was the pic shows it mounted on the trey and yet it's new...

    Worst comes to worse, I've got some Plexiglas sheets that no one's going to miss at the armory hmm...
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