CPU Fan STOPPED spinning, but STILL posts


My PC has worked fine for a year till today my CPU FAN (i5 750) stopped working but my pc still posted (i learned that it was not working because post said so) - so it scared the *** out of me and I turned off the pc.
The problem persisted for about 10 min (during which time I tried to turn it on a couple of times - unsuccessfully). Then, suddenly and unexpectedly the fan worked again, just as as if nothing had ever happened... I am scared!! lol nothing makes sense since i didnt touch anything...

-Motherboard P755D EVO
-CPU i5 750
-ATI HD 5850
-G. Skill 4 gb RAM
-HAF 932

Never overclocked anything- everything is stock, including the CPU Fan.

Please could you give your expert advise on what the problem may be? I heard this series of mobo p7p55d are prone to problems.. What do you think?

THank you so much for your ideas!!!
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  1. Maybe the fan is just dieing, the simplest solution would be to replace it.
  2. i cant believe it, it's been in use for only 1 year :S
  3. No. The Bios controlls the fan according to heat, if the fan is off meaning the cpu is cool enough. It should turn on as soon as it gets a little hotter.
  4. Lol.. maybe it depends on the power plan you have set? play with it a bit and check if it comes back,Snet could be right. You could try running a game or creating a rar archive and see what happens..if the fan goes off after a few secs of running the game, then it will be fine, you would have a power saver plan or something.
  5. hmm... weird thing since it had never happened to me and fan is stock..
    Anyways, You guys are probably right and I should not worry since computer is running just fine and is 100% stable so far :P
    thanks !!
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