M2N78-LA ASUS Pegatron maximum RAM?

I have bought 4 2 x 4GB DIMM2 RAM Modules. When I install all four, the system does not boot up. When I install two 8GB and two 2GB modules the BIOS only recognizes 12GB. The Pegatron Manual only states that it does not recognize 128 MB chips or modules that have a total of 32 chips (double sided 16 chipsets).
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  1. The M2N78-LA supports only 2Gb sticks, in 4 slots, for a total of 8Gb max on 64-bit OS, but only 4Gb total on 32-bot OS.
    And, it will only allow PC2-8500 in one slot on each channel, which is why HP does not recommend PC2-8500.
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