5750 issues and CCC


Bought myself a 5750. Have had major issues from the beginning. I never bother with driver disk as they always are out of date compared to the net. Installed drivers from AMD's website and rebooted. Computer wouldnt load windows.

Went into Safe Mode, removed drivers and now computer would boot. Used driver sweeper. Installed drivers again. Computer wouldnt boot. Turns out the only way I could make it boot were when I didnt install CCC. Computer still seems to crash when playing COD however (screen freezes) making me think could be a graphics card problem (possible overheat?) so I want to check temperatures. Therefore need Catalyst Control Centre....Which if I install will stop my pc loading windows (btw it crashes right at the end of the windows logo and blue screens....

Im running Quad Core Intel. Win 7 64bit and 6GB ram.

Any suggestions welcome. Really tempted to send the card back so frustrated with the situation...
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  1. Did you have a nVidia card before hand? When switching brands it can sometimes be necessary to do a complete reinstall to be rid of driver issues.
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