nvidaGT 220 red colors not working

ok so i installed a new gt 220 graphics card and made sure my computer is compatible. once i plugged it in and turned on my computer all red colors simply didn't work, even after i installed the drivers, now i dont believe it's the graphic cards issue because i disabled it and used my on board and the issue remained, any ideas? could it be my screen or cable?
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  1. One or the other. But then again have you done all adjustments to the monitor or display properties?
  2. Look for possible bent over pin in monitor cable.
  3. With the past few Nvidia cards I've owned, I get this issue when the card is not properly seated.

    You might need to blow compressed air in the slot if you have difficulties even after attempting to reseat the card.

    Interestinly, when my ATi cards are seated poorly, they run at the wrong bus speed. (x4 or x8 instead of x16).
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