Sata 3 controller confusion

I have an Asus Rampage iii Formula motherboard, a Corsair Performance 3 SSD and Corsair Force 3 SSD.
I'm trying to get the best possible Sata 3 performance out of these drives.

Is the Marvell sata 3 controller something that is built into the motherboard or just a driver?
Can I uninstall the Marvell controller and use the Sandforce controller with both SSD drives?

I just noticed in HD Tune that my SSD drives aren't performing that close to their rated speeds. I didn't know if the Force 3 is using the Sandforce controller that is specified for the drive or if it is using the Marvell controller that I see loading during the boot process, and that's what's slowing it down.

Or do I have to have a motherboard that supports Sandforce?

As you can tell I have no clue what I'm talking about. Please clarify.
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