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im having problems installing the drivers for a soundblaster audigy se. The installer says '' no device found cannot install system drivers closing....... i also did it through the device list nd it say driver is not 64bit i then tried the same but with the bois hd sound settings off :fou: iv tried diffen drives iv installed and uninstalled 4 diffrent drivers i recently ebayed this 608i mobo -itcame with no drivers and no sound out put thas why im using this old card
any ideas how to resolve this or do i need to buy the card that came with the mobo
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  1. Download and install Driversweeper
    Run in safemode
    Check off Creative
    Click Analyse
    Click Clean
    Restart normal
    Download latest drivers
    Creative Sound Blaster audio driver 1.04.0090
    Install as Admin
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