HELP! Loud continuous beeping noise

I recently purchased an NZXT Phantom, taking all the parts out of my old case and properly placing them into the new. The computer boots alright as fans start running, yet there is no signal on my monitor. There is also a loud continuous beeping noise coming from the inside of the case. I checked to make sure my graphics card was properly secured into the pci slot and double checked to make sure the ram was nudged in securely as well.

Any help here would really be appreciated! :)
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  1. Hi there,

    Give the group more information about your system, MB make and model #, CPU, RAM, Video card, PSU, etc.

    This may sound funny, but do you have a beep code speaker plugged into the front header? listen if the sound is coming from the small speaker, or a different component.

    Have not heard of a continuous beep as an error code. The boot beep codes are short or long beeps in a sequence the meaning of which can be looked up in the manual.

    There are a couple things that can give you a continuous alarm sound from other components. If your video card requires 2 6 pin power connectors, and you plug in just one, it will make a loud alarm noise, and the video card won't work till it gets the power it needs. Check for proper PCI-E power connections to the video card, even remove and replace them to make sure they are inserted correctly.

    Also if the fan failure alarm is set in the BIOS and that fan is not spinning up, or not connected, you can get a high pitched "fan failure" alarm.

    Finally, 1 High Pitched Beep (Repeating) can mean that the CPU is overheating, and it has to be corrected before the alarm will go away. Did you by chance remove the CPU heat sink to remove the MB?

    So several things to check. Recall the old computer saying "when a component doesn't work, check over anything you recently changed"
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