Unadequate power supply?

I bought several components to build my own low-budget desktop and I wondered if i mistaked on choosing the right power supply...

I thought that buying a case+power source would have been the best for saving money.. .but i realized later that the power supply that came along with the case could not have been good enough for my new desktop.

PeO 450 450w is the power supply that i have ordered and if someone can tell me if it s good enough for my configuration I will be glad!

cpu:e5300 celeron dual core 2.5ghz
mobo:MSI - P41-C31
video card: Sapphire - 4350-HM-1GB
ram :1GB DDR3-1333 CL9 240 PIN

thanks for reading!
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  1. 450W is plenty for your build.. But i've no idea about that 'PeO' brand.. You are mostly right about generic PSU's (one that come along with the case) being crappy.. I'd recommend getting a Corsair CX 430..
  2. thanks so much... by the way the psu model is Nilox P&O450 450w i feel better now that i am not forced to buy a new one but i would like some comments about this nilox psu if is enough reliable...
    thanks in advance for incoming replies
  3. I checked several databases and google. I could not find any references to the power supply. Are you in the USA?
  4. no I'm in italy I bought it on an italian e-shop..
  5. nilox PeO450w is the complete psu name! forgot to mention it
  6. Found it but unfortunately everything is in the Italian Language:


    I took a look at the technical specifications. Unfortunately the amperage on the +12 volt rail(s) is not listed.
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