$600-$800 gaming PC need advice

Approximate purchase Date: Less than 2 weeks

Budget: $600-$800 After Rebates

Usage: gaming, internet browsing, classwork, streaming movies to PS3

Parts not required: Monitor(24 inch), Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers(5.1)

Preferred websites: Any

Country: USA

Parts preferences: at least 5.1 channel sound card

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: maybe

Monitor resolution: 1920x1200

Additional comments: This is my first time building a computer. I'm looking to upgrade from my 3 year old laptop which can just barely play Starcraft 2. I play WoW, Eve Online, Crysis and others. I want something that will be a solid computer with room to upgrade as necessary.

Any and all help/advice is appreciated
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    CPU/Motherboard/Video Card Combo = 378.79 after mail in rebates

    RAM = 99.99

    Hard Drive = 74.99

    DVD = 19.99

    Case = 99.97 after shipping cost

    PSU = 92.98 after shiping costs & rebate

    You may or may not want an aftermarket CPU cooler for overclocking and whatnot but total this will leave you plenty room for upgrades and only costs 766.90 shipped after rebates. The motherboard audio will be fine for 5.1 sound and if not, sound cards are pretty cheap lately.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I went ahead and got what you suggested and got it all put together last night. Now I'm just waiting for windows to finish installing. So far fo good.
  3. On the lowest end of that budget range @$608AR we have:
  4. nice, keep us posted on how it runs and good luck!Keep in mind that if you feel the need, you can add another 5770 for Crossfire, plenty of room in that case to do so and the power supply and CPU will handle it with no issues at all.
  5. So I've got it all working, and I loaded crysis and starcraft 2 on there. Had a littgle trouble with crysis at first, it froze for 30 seconds any time I tried to bring up a menu. But, then I updated java and my video drivers and crysis is smooth and gorgeous on high settings (not ultra), and SC2 is just as pretty on max.
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  7. awesome, happy gaming!!!
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