Did I screw up when seating my HSF?

Let's get the specs out of the way:

MOBO: EVGA x58 SLI Micro
CPU: Intel i7 930 2.80Ghz @3.5Ghz
Case: CM Centurion 590 Mid-Tower

RAM: 6GB PC3-10666 (Forgot the brand but they have a big red X on them)
GPU: EVGA Geforce GTS 250 1GB
PSU: Corsair 850w

I have a total of 6 120mmcase fans, 1 80mm PCI fan, 1 80mm RAM fan and 2 120mm CPU fans. It's like a perpetual tornado in there.


I recently upgraded from the stock cooler to a CM Hyper 212+. Installation was easy but I didn't notice any real temperature change at first. Then after about a week I'm noticing slightly better temps. I think I installed it wrong.

When I was applying the thermal past I just made an X on the processor and flattened it with a credit card enough to cover the whole surface. Then I slapped the HSF on.

I read somewhere that I was supposed to rub it on the HSF bottom first to get into the grooves of the heat pipes. I'm assuming that time has done that for me, hence better temps (well time and 5 additional fans).

Should I try to reseat my HSF using the right method or is it a waste of time? Also I used CM TIM that came with the HSF.

Idle : 30-45c, depends on room temp (Room Temp is generally 25.5c).
Load: 62c

To test the load I run LinX 20 times with "All" selected for memory.

Also strange: CPU 1 and 2 run about 40c while CPU's 0 and 3 run about 31c. 9c seems like a larger-than-average difference. CPU's 0 and 3 even run cooler during load, only going to about 58c. 3.5 is a very subtle overclock; I just thought 62c seemed excessive; I see stories of other people with the 212+ cooler who have temps of 52c and 54c.
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    i have the same heat sink and I usually just make an "X' on the cpu, then stick the HSF on. make sure the CM 212+ is screwed down well and the fan has room to move the hot air.
  2. on HDT heatsinks, i usually put small lines directly onto the heatpipes and then slap that thing right onto the CPU, and if i have time afterward, i will OC a little and stress test a little to speed up the process of the thermal material setting in to a snug spot :)
  3. I trust you'll be upgrading the GTS 250...

    try turning some of the fans off, you might not be helping the flow
  4. Okay I screwed the HSF tight as it would go before the bolts underneath started turning. For ultimate tightness I probably need to take the mobo out so hopefully this suffices (Stupid Cooler Master made the access hole WAY too small!)

    I also closed off the side since I only had 1 fan and I think it wasn't really helping. All it really did was muddle my exhaust with cool air (I'm going for equal or negative airflow; I think positive is ineffective).

    Running LinX and I'm pretty sure I've reached thermal saturation since it's been about 15 minutes.

    Core 0: 62c
    Core 1: 58c
    Core 2: 60c
    Core 3: 56c

    My temps did slightly improve except core 0 just seems to be a bugger bear. I guess I'm happy with these temps, well under TJ max and certainly safe.

    I'm pretty happy with 3.5Ghz; do you think there's any reason for me to go higher? I'm wondering if I'll notice anything substantial by going to 3.8. I do a lot of rendering video in After Effects and Frames in Maya as well as some gaming.

    Honestly I think my gaming will improve most from me getting a GTX 450 or a Radeon HD 5770 (can't decide yet; considered SLI GTS250 but it seemed like a waste since it doesn't have DX11).
  5. Well I really want an HD 4830 but $200 is just a tad above my limit. If it was $175 I would jump on it but $200 is a bit high considering how cheap the 5770 is.

    I was thinking 5770 and eventual crossfire but maybe just saving up for a 5830 makes more sense.

    Then again I did see a GTX 460 768mb for $170 ... I never thought I'd turn to nVidia when I wanted to save money.

    Anyway, back to the HSF, 40 minutes of LinX and my temps are perfectly stable.
  6. ^Hmmm I know the results in one test don't cover every possibility but that is making the GTX 460 Sonic Platinum look like the best choice (Especially at $230, less than the 5850 it beat).

    But also it confirms that 5770 Crossfire is a pretty good idea compared to getting the expensive 58xx cards.

    I really want to hate nVidia but you've really sold me on that GTX 460.
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