Why does my computer have 1.8 gbs of ram when it should have 2

i have 2 1gb ram sticks on my acer extensa laptop with vista 32bit and it says i only have 1.8 gb of ram. i took them out and they are exactly the same and put them back in and it still says i have 1.8 gb of ram and vista needs 2gb of ram to work properly. any sugestions ofn what to do? or should i just get new raM sticks?
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    Your operating system is using the 'missing' bit, theres nothing wrong with your sticks,
    You can always put more in if you have the slots spare (or bigger sticks if supported)
  2. Hi there,

    It may depend where you are getting the RAM specs from your computer.

    Check 3 different readings and see if they are all consistent

    Right click on Computer, then properties and see what Windows says in the system section
    Boot up your computer, go into the BIOS, and under CMOS settings, it will say total RAM = : what the BIOS sees.
    Lastly, go to the Piriform website and download the great free applet called Speccy. Install it and run it. It will give you loads of information about you complete computer, including the type of RAM, the specs on each stick, including total amount of RAM.

    You may find the low level BIOS and Speccy readouts give you a more accurate picture of your installed Hardware.

    Let us know what you find. Hope that's helpful
  3. You may be using some for your graphics. If so you should be able to adjust the amount in your BIOS.
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  5. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
  6. In my experience, windows 32bit never shows the total memory. Windows reserves some memory for video and/or other components. A 64bit windows OS will show all the memory.
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