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Ok, here's the deal. For the past week or so, my keyboard for my laptop *Lenovo Ideapad S10-2* has been acting strange. On occasion instead of typing what I pressed, it would set a number sequence instead *Instead of spelling dog, it would type 123*

Now initially I thought it was the function key. Held it down and pressed num dice. This continue for week, sporadically whenever I used something like Messenger...

The thing is now, its stopped...and move over to my games. I can't play a damn thing on this stupid keyboard. Its not the function key/number lock/scroll lock etc etc...

PLEASE help because this is annoying the HELL out of me!
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  1. does a external keyboard do the same?
  2. I don't have a USB. No job = No Moolah = No Awesome luxuries..

    And the problem is still persisting. It even extends to flash games now...this is incredibly frustrating and I am NOT going to pay out my rear end just to get some idiot to come over and claim its something I didn't think of..
  3. I know this is a old topic but I am having the same problem!
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