It the ATI 5750 a good budget gaming GPU

In a few weeks I am going to get a new GPU for my new motherboard and I was looking at a 5750 because it was in my Budget range. I due on and off gaming. I mainly play FPS games. I play them about every other weekend. I an need it to b good card for games till next year when I can get something better. I am looking at getting new FPS games but haven't any yet due to my finances. I was looking at a 5770 but I can't afford it so I am started to look at a 5750. They look like some good cards. So yall due yall agree with me on that or not. Please let me know. Thanks.
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  1. what is your resolution ?

    if its 16x9 then it will be fine. if you are not terribly hung up on dx11
    which really would be hard for that card to push at that resolution anyway
    you could get the 4850 for quite a bit cheaper
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    If you have a somewhat weak power supply, then go for the HD 5750 since it consumes about 45w compared to 110w that the HD 4850 consumes.
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