New PSU Cooler Master 750W GX Weird problem!

Hi guys, I've recently purchased this new PSU so that I could run my new Nvidia 465 GTX. I got some questions..... I took the PC home today from the guy that installed it. At first when I turned the computer on i quickly went and tried to play a game (left 4 dead 2)... instead my computer just frooze with white I restarted and quickly tried it again... this time the screen went blank and the computer restarted...

I found this fairly weird...

Then I restarted the PC again.. waited a bit.. then launch the game. The game ran fine with no restarts or freezes.

Is there a problem with my hardware? Or am I suppose to wait for the powersupply to load up?
Do powersupplies tend to need time to load the vid card?

I am really confused.. I replaced my old PSU because of the square freezes and restarts... I am hoping that nothing is wrong with my hardware.
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  1. Sounds to me that you might be having some driver issues or your GPU may be defective. I would say try reloading all your drivers maybe even a fresh install of windows might help. I would normally say bad power supply but you had same problem with old power supply.
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