Three Xl2370 or One U2410 or 30" monitor?

Would it be better to get three Samsung Xl2370s in eyefinity with an active display adapter for about $940 or get a Dell U2410 for about $530 or get a 30" monitor for about maybe $1,150? If I get a monitor with a 30" res will two 5770s cut it? Would my CPU bottleneck my 5770s? I play games like oblivion (with lots of mods, so either back off with mods or I wouldn't be able to play it at 2560x1600), supCom2, prince of persia: forgotten sands, dirt 2, and nfs: shift. I'm not playing FPS games or MMORPGs. So should I get eyefinity or should I get a 24" IPS monitor or get a 30" monitor? If I get the 30" monitor I probably won't be getting it until around xmas time which means I will be gaming at 1440x900 for a long time and the new graphics cards are going to be coming out this october/november right? I heard they are just going to be reiterations; are reiterations worth springing for or just waiting until next years graphics come out?
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