CPU to meet Video Game Sys. Requirement

Requirement: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
Recommended: Intel Core i7 @ 2.66GHZ (or faster)

Currently Installed: Intel Pentium E5200 @ 2.5GHz

I am running Vista 64.
My motherboard is an ASUS P5Q-PRO.

1.) Do I need to upgrade?
2.) Can I upgrade without changing my motherboard?

If you need more info about my system just ask.

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  1. the e5200 meets the requirement, the recommended id usually for cranking it up, 1080p, full detail etc, so i need to know what game, and i need to know what gpu u have and what settings you plan to reach
  2. Thanks here are the details

    Game: Final Fantasy XIV

    CPU: Intel E5200
    RAM: 4GB DDR2 (Single Channel)
    Graphic: Radeon HD 4850 (512Mb RAM), Core Speed 652MHz, Memory 993MHz - This board has bult in OC'ing features that produced these speeds.
    Monitor: 52" Samsumg LCD, 1080p Capable. Connected via DVI>HDMI adaptor from Graphic Card I/O.

    Hope that helps. If you think you can guess what levels I can get with what I have that would be great, and what levels I could get by upgrading CPU only, I am not ready to build a new PC at this time.

  3. Graphic Core Speed should have read 625Mhz not 652Mhz, sorry if confusing.
  4. A small overclock on the CPU to around 2.7-2-8 would be very easy, if you need a little more horsepower.
  5. I recommend you try your game first after you buy it before considering upgrades based on what they thing you should have. If you don't mind lowering details, what you have could be more than enough. If not, you can go from there and figure out what you need to upgrade.
  6. @enzo thanks. yeah I was going to do that anyway. I was just trying to get educated before I came to that decision. I know things have changed since I built this machine so I was trying to figure out if my Motherboard even supported a CPU that was going to be good enough and if so for how much. Then figure out if I was willing to wait or build a new machine and pass this one down. (Have been wanting HDMI Out Video Card for awhile now)
  7. jessegibson said:

    RAM: 4GB DDR2 (Single Channel)

    is this 1 stick of 4GB? If yes, I think you need one more in order to have your RAM working optimally (it is dual channel memory)
  8. ^ his name says it all
  9. RAM: 4GB DDR2 (Single Channel)

    It is one 'stick' of RAM. Was cheaper at the time over buying (2) 2GB 'sticks'.

    So I go thte game installed. Haven't played much, not much time on my hands, it seems to go slow during loading, at least in my mind. I am guessing that loading is partly affected by my processor and RAM but also a function of Internet Connection since it in an on-line game. My bandwidth is good-very good so I don't think it's me.

    I really don't want to build another machine but I might get coaxed into it once the SandyBridge comes out since it will lower i7 parts. At least I hope so.
  10. loading time is usually down to hdd and ram, u have more than enough ram, so im guessing its the hdd, no one can really escape the hdd bottleneck until HRD comes out
  11. Been playing a bit more. Unfortunately it is way too slow. Gonna head to a microcenter to get their input. Hopefully I can just upgrade the CPU and be done with it. I'd rather wait to rebuild with an i7 platform, we'll see how patient I can be.
  12. try lowering the resolution to 1280x720
  13. I have also been having problems with their 'config' file that they direct you to to lower settings. A message balloon in Japanese comes up instead of the button menu shown in the game manual. I got an e-mail to tech support about that one. I researched more 775 Socket CPU's and nothing will really help that much (aside for OC'ing). So hopefully once I can adjust the graphic settings it will run good enough.

    If not I'll be looking at the i5 socket set and upgrade CPU/RAM/Board.
  14. I still suggest to put another stick of RAM - it really helps...
    also for the HDD - how it is setup in BIOS? As IDE channel or SATA/AHCI?

    I have VelosiRaptor and was performing like normal HDD until I checked in BIOS - it was set as IDE (legacy). After I switched to SATA (beware that first you need to adapt the windows registry before changing the BIOS - how to? Google is your best friend...) I noticed very big improvement and the computer is now much more responsive and loading times are quite smaller :)
  15. Stupido said:
    I still suggest to put another stick of RAM - it really helps..

    The performance gains would be minimal unless FF could utilize that much memory.
  16. When I do get it running I have not seen RAM go up past 2.5GB...yet.

    I can tell that my CPU is the bottle neck, it is maxed at 100% when the game does run, and it runs like crap even then. Now I am debating getting the fastest Core 2 Extreme Quad - or just upgrade platform to 1156.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Thanks for everyone's input.
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