Can I burn a two drive system image to one drive

I have Win7 OS and most used programs on a completely full 128GB drive c:. I have my libraries and less used programs on b: which is 179GB of 2TB (two drives in Raid 0.) I have a single windows system image of both b: & c: on an external drive.
I would ultimately like to use the two large drives in a Raid 1 config but that's not the point of my post.

If I get a new 500GB drive can I burn my (310GB) windows image to the single drive or does the drive need to be equal/greater to the sum of the allocated/unallocated space of both b: & c:?

Will it partition the the new drive or arrange them as subfolders b: & c:?

Will Acronis True Image software do the job?

Thank you!
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  1. EaseUS Todo backup will do the job and it is free.
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