I5 750 Rig (w/ 9800GTX+)

I'm looking to build a i5 750 rig, but I was just wondering how my current 9800GTX+ would hold up with the i5.

My resolution is 1440x900. (the new monitor would have to be obtained at a later date if it is extremely necessary)
I'm really looking to get some more performance in upcoming games. I would really like to get this i5 already because I'm a big MMO player, and would like a little more power then my E7200 is giving me.

Should I stick with the 9800GTX+ with the i5, or have it temporarily until I get a new card.

Games I'm looking forward to having good performance in is Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic. (Maybe even the new WoW expansion)
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    if you can OC your E7200 then your rig is perfect for those games.

    the 9800GTX+ for 1440x900 is more then capable of handling any of today's games at very good settings.
  2. I've never tried OCing much, I'm not even sure I did it right.

    I took a peek in my BIOS and changed the Frequency on the CPU to 333, which I read somewhere someone said it was the "natural overclock" on this CPU. I have a Hyper TX2 Coolermaster Heatsink.

    Apparently If I want to get higher Clocks I have to increase the voltage? I'm not sure how to do that or how high I could get it on my ASUS P5GC MX-1333 mobo and be stable.
  3. Yup, your E72090 is perfectly enough and even if you want an upgrade, wait a while for the new CPUs.

    Your 9800GTX+/GTS250 would most likely be held back a 750, while getting as 6XX just isnt worth the money,
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  5. Thanks guys. ^_^
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