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I am building a machine that will be a home PC that I would like to have connected to the monitor as well as my 42" plasma television.

The goal is to d/l movies to the computer and be able to watch them on the 42" Plasma via HDMI when we want to watch them while still having the ability to use the computer monitor for surfing the web.

A friend told me that I need a card that has "dual" capabilities.

Can someone give me a suggestion of what I need or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Not 100% sure what your friend means as nearly all modern gpus have more than 1 display out, whether it be dvi, hdmi, display port, s-video or good old vga.
    Seeing as you plan on outputing it to a fairly big display be a good idea to get a card with decent ram but other than that if its just for video playback dont really need anything fancy. Maybe a 5750? might be overkill.
    Sorry cant be more precise with my suggestions, really only know a decent amount about the top tier gaming cards as thats all I usually buy and thus research before I do.
  2. The 5750 would allow me to watch movies on the plasma and use the computer at the same time?
  3. actually after looking more into it Im sure a 1gb 5570 with hdmi out or even 5450 would be enough and yes that should allow you to have a movie running while you use the pc.
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    I'd suggest the 5450. Basically, its the lowest card in the 5*** series, but includes 1x DVI, 1x VGA and HDMI also. The specifications on the amd website (link below) state that the card is capable of 1080P resoloutions and Blu-Ray quality won't play the latest games, but for what you need, it is plenty. And at a fraction of the price ;-)
  5. 5770 is for gaming yo.. pretty close to 4870 and will give decent framerates on a 1080p screen..

    if you're watching blu-ray movies, the lower end cards should be fine.. if you want to game then 5770 is lowest i would personally go for 1920x1080
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  7. Thanks for the help!
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