A game requires ati raedon 9500 i have an ati raedon mobility hd 4200, can i pla

I dont know the history of these cards, which is better, which is "or greater"

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  1. The Radeon 9500 is ancient, the HD 4200 should run rings around it.

    See this article:

  2. The mobility HD 4200 is 2 tiers above the Radeon 9500 so it is better, but if the 9500 is the minimum requirement of the game, it may not run smoothly on high settings with the HD 4200.
  3. The 4200 is an onboard GPU. It's basically a Radeon 3450. Anyway, it's no speed demon and is not sufficient for modern games, but yes it is much faster than an old Radeon 9500.
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