Is my hard drive dead/dying?

I recently was bought a Western Digital Caviar Black 1tb hard drive off amazon for my Homebuild (as the only storage drive). The UEFI recognizes it, as does Windows 7, but I can't seem to install on it. Every time I try and install Windows 7 (home premium, 64-bit) it crashes, either while downloading the initial files onto the hard drive or after the first restart when windows informs me that it is "setup is updating registry settings".

Recently, while attempting installs with other disks, Windows has informed me that "drive 0: partition 2" (the part of the hard drive that isn't system reserved memory) will fail soon and I shouldn't install on it.

Is it the case that my hard drive is failing, or is it something else?
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  1. Is the drive partitioned or not?

    Had u tried to wipe all partition and recreate it with windows installation disk...
    I don't think it's a problem with HDD...
  2. trying installing into an existing machine and run Western Digital's Data Life Guard utility. If it shows any errors RMA it or if your not sure send the results in. It is probably under warrant and WD has EXECELLENT custerm service (you can also request and advanced RMA if you want to put down a credit card) so you install the replacement drive even before send back the "bad" one. (Just don't reforget, advance RMA is expensive if you do).

    SMART errors and like often indicate a dying drive. BUT, the lack of them is meaningless (an error free drive can still be dying).
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