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alright well i jsut got a computer all put together for a buddy of mine. Everything went together smooth. Computer powered up no problem. However, When the computer POST's the boot device LED stays lit.

Here are specs:

cpu: intel core i5 2500k
mobo: Asus p8p67 pro
SSD: crucial c300 128gb
HDD: samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
Optical: Sony Optiarc
PSU: seasonic 650w
GPU: saphire 6950

I have the optical drive and HDD conected to the light blue SATA3 ports to the mobo via the black SATA 3 cables. And I have the SSD connected to the grey SATA 6 port via the black/white SATA 6 cable.

I can get into the BIOS fine, and the SSD IS RECOGNIZED in the correct port.

Could this be because its trying to boot from the SSD but there is no OS installed?

please help!

I also noticed that the LED stays on when i enter the BIOS. Howere if I let it continue to POST it gets the the screen asking me to inster boot media and the LED turns off. Is this normal?
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  1. Well yes. It is asking for an operating system , It cannot find an os in one of the boot drives. Install an OS on the HDD/SDD and set it on the bios as to boot from hard disk
  2. Snet is correct, you need to set up an OS. In order to set one up you should set your BIOS to boot from the set-up disk (be it CD/DVD, floppy, USB or other) and run the OS set-up. After you have set up the OS you reset your BIOS to boot from the drive with the OS, Presumably it will be the Crucial 300.
  3. Just like what snet and chest said.
    Step 1) Insert your OS CD.
    Step 2) Go into BIOS set boot drive to CD/DVD-ROM. (Presuming you have your OS on a CD/DVD)
    Step 3) It should say something like "To boot from CD press any key" press any key.
    Step 4) Follow the OS installation instructions. When your computer restarts while it is installing the OS, don't press any key when the "To boot from CD press any key" instructions come up again.
    Step 5) Pop in your Mobo CD and install your LAN driver.
    Step 6) Update drives for your hardware from manufacturer's websites.
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