Whats Faster, ssd's raid 0 sata 2 or just sata 6gbs no raid

Hi all,

I have been searching for ages for a thread with an answer to this so if there is one im sorry. First time poster btw, and from the other threads you seem like a knowledgeable bunch so here's my question.

I have 2 ssd's compatible with sata 3, 550mbs read and was hoping to make a raid 0 stripe on sata 3. However i have since discovered that my Asus p8z68-v mobo doesnt support sata 3 raid.

So my question is which will be the fastest arrangement, sata 2 raid 0 or just 2 drives on sata 3?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. While SATA II RAID 0 will give better benchmarks, you will not see a real performance difference in use. It will just be a hassle and make your data less secure -- one drive failure in RAID 0 and it's all gone.

    I would recommend, and I think most here agree, use one for your OS and key programs and the other for remaining programs and data -- depending on drive size. If only 60gb then just the OS one one and programs on the other might work best, if larger you have more options.
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