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Hello, my LCD monitor has only VGA connector? Can I use DVI adapter to hook in my graphic cards which has DVI connection?
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  1. yep u can
  2. mjsharma said:
    yep u can

    i just bought a DVI adapter and it works, but i can't seem to figure out the exact resolution of my monitor.
  3. If you post up the brand and model should be able to tell you, generally the highest resolution offered is the native one which if you have a recentish widescreen lcd monitor will likely be either 1680x1050, 1920x1080 or 1920x1200.
  4. I have Samsung Syncmaster B1630 with a native resolution of 1360 x 768. Its ok if I if I plugged in VGA but when I plugged in DVI with an adapter the resolution seems different. Whts wrong? Should I discard my DVI adapter or just stick to VGA. Thanks for the reply! :)
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