Wpa2 on dell truemobile 1300 wlan mini PCI ?

Hi, I have this wifi card on my dell inspiron 5150 and Ihave problems to get it work in the LAN in my flat-it can find the network, it connects, but doesn't comunicate-the message is something like: low or non connectivity. I think, that it cannot asigne an adress to my card. The coding on the network is WPA2 and I think it could be the problem. I don't see this coding in the menu, onlz WPA-PSK.
Can someone help me out to get it work in my WLAN?
Is there an driver updete for this card? (I haven't foun any: my currrent is from 13.6.2003 ver
Thank for any answer.
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  1. If you turn off wireless security temporarily in the router and the problem goes away, you have probably found the problem.

    WPA-PSK is the default for most networks at the moment -- might as well go with that.
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