I need 2 build a beast warrior of an HTPC for poco $$

Hi all,

I am attempting to build the cheapest ever HPTC! So then, my requirements are the following:

Wi Fi
1TB storage space
Card reader (standard CF, SD, MS etc.)

Able to run windows 7 home premium 32bit
Able to playback @ 1080p
Gaming is not necessary

I do not need the OS, monitor or peripherals.

My ideal solution I think will involve something centered around the ion/atom platform. Mini itx would be the preferable form factor. Thanks for any suggestions. :)

Here is my current build list
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  1. That's a fine build. go with that...
  2. Your Wifi card is PCI but that ion board only has 1 PCIe-16. You'll need either a PCIe Wifi adapter or a USB Wifi adapter.

    Edit - or you can opt for an ion board with onboard Wifi.
  3. $255AR : pass video via VGA/DVI to LCD TV and a 3.5mm to RCA for audio perhaps?

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