GA-H55N-USB3 HSF Options

Hi gang.

I am building a Xeon X3440-based system on a Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 in a Sugo SG05.

I intend to use the PCI-E slot and therefore am shopping for a heatsink that will fit this cramped board/case combo.

I may venture into overclocking the Xeon, but not too much. I am upgrading from a 3Ghz P4 so I'm not worried about not seeing a performance increase even at stock speeds.

Anyhow, I have come up with the following options:

- Xigmatek Cobra
- Cooler Master GeminII S
- Thermalright AXP-140
- Prolimatech Samuel 17

I know the Xigmatek will fit but its not exactly designed for a 95w CPU, as far as I can tell. It would be my last choice. I've read that the GeminII S will fit, perhaps with some mods, such as cutting down of the fins. The AXP-140 and Samuel 17 _appear_ as though they would fit, but I have no solid proof of this. The Samuel 17 may need to be cut down too...

Even if all four would fit, I'm not sure which would offer the best performance. It seems as though they're all short enough to accommodate a slim fan to augment my case and PSU fans.

Any comments on the above heatsinks combined with the Gig MB, leaving the PCI-E slot available?

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  1. I appreciate the reply. I think, unfortunetely, that both Scythe Shuriken models extend over the PCI-E slot. I need something that allows that slot to be used.
  2. I also consider building such ultra small but capable PC, but I'll probably try to fit/mod H50 as cooling option...
    I really like SG07, though LianLi's cases are also very interesting...
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