HIS X1650Pro IceQ / Power Issue

Hi I have a Dell Precision 450 work station, it's old but pretty quick and works fine.

I just tried to upgrade graphics card to a HIS X1650Pro IceQ and upon the computer being switched on it beeps constantly.

I think it's power related because I never inserted a 4 pin power supply to the card which the guide says (never had a graphics card like this lol)

Anyways because the card is second hand it did not come with the power adapter cable which I think it is supposed to come with.

So my question is what do I need? whats the name of the power adapter to run this card with my computer?

- Thanks
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  1. If that's a PCI-E card it shouldn't need a power connector. If it's an AGP card, then yes it does need an external power connector. If it has a 4 pin molex connector on the back of the card then you need to connect it. Your power supply should have some 4-pin molex connectors. If none are free, then you need to get a splitter to share one with a CD-Rom drive or something. If it's a 6-pin PCI-E connector then you need to get a 6-pin to double Molex adapter. Of course, that's not really ideal and it may be better to get a new PSU, especially if the one that came with your Dell is weak. You can get adapters and splitters at your local CompUSA or online from Newegg.
  2. If it has an auxiliary power connector on it you need it. Without any investigation (I'm lazy), I am going to assume that this is an AGP card. The AGP bus can only supply 6A (if I remember correctly going off the top of my head) on the 3.3V line. This isn't enough to supply the card power, thus the external power supply connector. If this is your card:


    That is a floppy drive power connector. Adapters from molex to floppy driver power connector should be easy to find at any local computer shop. This is what you are looking for:


    They are pretty cheap.

    The beeping is normal. If the card doesn't detect power at the auxiliary power connector it tells the motherboard that the video card has failed. Once you plug that connector in, it should boot up just fine.
  3. I connected the one from my floppy drive, it still beeps but I have found out why I think the psu is only 350 watts :(
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