Is my current case i7 friendly

hey guys I am looking to build a new rig but i would like to save a couple $ here and there my current case is is there enough airflow for an i7 and a gtx 4xx or a hd 58xx i will be buying a new case just want to try to get the parts so i can enjoy the computer first also i don't plan on doing anything to extreme for the first bit right now i am playing CS:S WoW and maybe TF2 should i worry?

EDIT: also when i do look at buying a new case should i go for mid or full sized tower?
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  1. It may not be the very best, but it should work fine. Google for one review at overclockers', its old and not many comparisons to support their positive conclusion.

    Worst case, add the optional front fan if you see your temps running high.

    Wrost worst case, buy a better case (if needed) when you can.
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