" cant find operating system" and "this disk is not formatted".

I was having problems with my usb sticks, and my bluetooth they weren't being recognised by my pc. SO I went to the microsoft help site, and I found the subject and it gave me two choices, fit it yourself, or fix it for you, so obviously I chose fix it for you cos it knew ??? what it it was doing???????
I was working on something on the pc so I continued that, and it was late so I closed down the pc. Next day, I switched on as usual, and I got a message on the screen, " cant find operating system ",,,,panic set in. Tried several times, nothing, went to bios etc, hd being recognised, did all that stuff, made sure it was set to boot. Still NOTHING.
So, I put another harddrive in as no1 master, and my problem drive as slave, booted it up in windows xp pro, no problem atall. The problem harddrive was recognised in bios, by my computer and control panel, so tried to access it, and I get, " this disk is not formatted". Course that was ridiculous cos I had twleve years of stuff on there. Yes I hear you, I should have backed up, and was always gonna????, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME.So I downloaded and ran ( recover myfiles software), renowned to be the best. It found some 13000 files, but a lot were marked" lost file". I am horrified, I NEED those files, so help ,,, CAN ANYONE help ME PLEASE.

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  1. Try to boot up using a Linux Live Disk, ubuntu should suffice and you at least can attempt to access the questionable drive. I know I tend to repeat myself but I find this the easiest route to take. There is no guarantee it will work but it is worth a try.
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