Need help figuring out what power supply i will need!

Hello, well I'm building my first system, I have all the parts apart from the power supply. I don't know what kind of wattage power supply I will need. I will list my parts below.

CPU: Intel core i7 930 (2.8ghz)
MOBO: Asus p6t deluxe V2
CASE: Antec twelve hundred ( 1200 )
GPU: I will be running TWO Ati 4890's in crossfire
RAM: 6gb tri channel - OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 / 1333 MHz /Gold Edition (3 2gb sticks)

also: basic DVD RW drive, basic 500GB HDD..

that's about it, anybody have any idea what kind of wattage power supply I will be needing? Would it be too much for you to advise me a PSU suitable?

Thanks for the help.

Side note:

Would it be worth having 3 4890's? I didn't think so...

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is a PSU calculator here, you fill in the blanks for all your components, it gives you an estimate of the Watts. I would suggest Corsair's 750, either the CMPSU-750TX, it's about $115 today. Or the CMPSU-750HX, it's about $150 today and has modular cables - you only use those you need, it helps with cable management.
  2. For slightly more than the corsair 750TX you can pick up the XFX 750W unit, its made by seasonic and did quite well in its review at jonnyguru and is very similar to the 750HX and will be plenty to power 2 4890s.

    Trifire doesnt scale quite as well as crossfire, so depending on how much 2 4890s costs you might want to get a 5870 or GTX 480 which will perform a little slower but gives you the option to add a second in the future.

    Rather than get a cheap basic 500GB HDD, grab a samsung F3, its not too much and is a very faster HDD especially for the price, you will notice the difference in load times.
  3. Thanks for the help, both of you. Helped me alot!
  4. You're welcome.
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