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Hey guys i recently just installed a new Core 2 Quad 8400, into my GA-965P-DS3 Motherboard, after i installed it i plugged everything back in and turned it on, it turned off after about 2 seconds then turned itself back on and booted normally, only i couldnt see anything. My first thought was ive ruined my new HD5770, but i put an old 8600GT in it and still cant see anything. Any ideas ? :D
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  1. Quote:
    I am afraid but it seems your board doesnot support 45nm quads.
    update bios asap.

    Do you mean my board doesnt natively support the 45nm quad and it will if i update the bios ?, also i dont have a floppy drive, am i still able to update the bios without one ? thanks alot
  2. As the support list states, it's unofficial support, so it's a bit of a risk. You should be able to update the BIOS using a USB drive.
  3. I updated my BIOS and still no luck :( Bought a quad core for nothing, dont have enough to get a new motherboard either, my fault for not researching it properly >< thanks for your help guys
  4. AFAIK, the Intel 965 chipset can't support the Q9xxx\Q8xxx as it uses a 1333 FSB. IIRC, the 965 maxes out at 1066.
  5. ^ Hopefully, no more than $120....
  6. Quote:
    how much did you spend on the cpu.?

    It cost me $220 AU ><
  7. Screwed up bigtime lol, my cpu temp is on the rise and its not even summer yet, had some 30 degree days and its going on 70 degrees on load. Thats why i was in a hurry to get a new one.
  8. If i get my new job on tuesday, ill be hitting you guys up for a sick build :P Thanks for all ya help
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