Need to knock at least $100 from my build! ($900 build)


BUDGET RANGE: I'd like to be around 800-900 after shipping costs.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (Blizzard games, Dragon Age, Civ IV, would like to not have to worry too much when I buy a game), recording music (which just means it has to be at least somewhat quiet)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, speakers, Monitor



PARTS PREFERENCES: I really don't know -- below is what I came up with as to parts after searching these forums.

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe, first time doing it so will see.



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Here is what I've come up with so far:




Case/Power Supply



Total w/shipping

I REALLY would like it to be closer to 800-850 if at all possible, but I don't know what to swap out.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. PSU - 550W would not suffice for 2x HD 5850s(though some people say it might, but I wont suggest doing that) and also that PSU is not 80+...

    Mobo - Either choose if you will be going Crossfire or not, based on that you can select the PSU and the mobo...
  2. to easily save $100, you dont need a gpu that powerful for what you are planning on using you computer for. i'd suggest a 5770+better ocz ram, and this ODD.

    that saves you at least $210, if my math is right.
  3. and you do need a 650w psu, and this xfx is great
  4. $820ar +$100 for OS?
  5. Start with batuchka's build but chop the GPU back to a HD5850 to make budget; you might need to find a different combo though. A HD5850 needs a quality 500W-550W PSU.
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    here is a complete build:

    5770 gpu + 650w psu=$214

    Phenom II x4 blk + msi 790 gtx mobo=$240

    gskill 4gb ram=$90


    500gb HDD=$55

    win 7=$100

    total, with all the rebates, is $754. not bad, eh?
    you can even upgrade to a 1tb HDD for $20 more, or a better video card 5850 for $150 more (i still think the 5770 is fine for your needs). either way, you've got good parts and wiggle room for very little. another thing to think about is if you'll do heavy occ'ing or a lot of gaming, invest in a $30 cooler
  7. thanks so much to everybody, this is great. I'm planning on picking everything up this weekend.

    Should I worry about the size of the cooler that Danman12 listed? I see a few comments that it's extremely large -- would the case you suggested fit that?

    Is the 5850 significantly better than the 5770? As in worth $150 more? I love the price point of $750-800 (Thanks again Danman12), but I don't want to be unhappy with my gpu 6 months from now when diablo III comes out, or the new dragon age, etc. If I went with the HD5850, what sort of power supply would I need?

    Thank you all again, it is really helping me out.
  8. the cooler should fit into your case pretty well

    the 5850 is better than the 5770, but when using crossfire'd 5770s, the performance leaps ahead. the 5770's beat the 5850 in every instance, match or beat the 5870, draw less power, and run quieter.,1.html

    they also cost the same as the 5850 and $100 less than the 5870. however, i still think you need only one 5770, so get one and if you need more performance, get a second. whatever you choose, the 650w should do ya as long as you don't overclock too much.
  9. ok, I'm very, very close now. I'm going to buy tomorrow - the 5770 is on sale as an end of the month deal -- however, I don't love the case that danman12 recommended. It's just a personal preference thing, I really don't like the jagged look in the front. Can anyone recommend a case that would still fit everything (including the cooler), with good ventilation, but a little less in your face? I know, I'm being picky, but it's my 1st pc build and the case is what you actually see!
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