can you please help me ?
i would like to know what are thw different kinds of monitor,keyboard and mouse.? please
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  1. That is quite a vague question. What would you like to know about monitors, mouses and keyboards?

    Types of monitor:
    LCD, CRT etc.
    Types of Mouse:
    Ball, Laser, Optical.

    Are these the information you are looking for?

    Also give an appropriate thread title for your post.
  2. Like hell_storm2004 said "..quite a vague question."
    Google search those terms with Wikipedia and you will have your answers.
    If you are doing a study project, you should get enough info there.
  3. Thats two or three of these questions in a few days, lol. And if you do wikipedia this for your school work, don't cite it!

    Wikipedia is written and completely unpublished, it can be wrong (rarely is), so schools / colleges hate it!

    Instead also google search for a book with a title that sounds good and use that instead ;-D
  4. He is asking us to do his homework for school :D
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