Which psu to pick

Coolermaster Extreme Power+ 600

Thermaltake ToughPower QFAN 500

antec eco neo 520 .

Am ocing a e7200 from 2.5 to 3.8
gtx 460 1gb
4 gb xms 2 1066 ram
5 fans
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  1. If you can afford to get the larger wattage, do it. It will last you then an upgrade later down the road. Both makes are nice and reliable, but would question the price range and whether these are the best in it.
  2. this stretches my budget to as far as it can go
  3. There's a Seasonic 520W PSU dont know the model number. Check the website. Does it fit in your budget?
  4. The Antec Neo is the most efficient and the only 80+ certified unit of the three.
    Re-use your old power cord this one ships without one.
  5. Just dont' get the Cooler Master one, please.
  6. hehe yeah i has second thoughts about the CM .

    Well yeah antec was my initial pick , but the TT is modular and keeps at a it 80s


    am just wondering as to if the TT is better than the antec
  7. Found the PSU i meantioned earlier. Get this:

  8. Out of that list this one is a really nice pick http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341022
  9. am in aussi btw , the seasonic psu is mind blowing but its like 20$ more than by budget . i can get a OCZ stealth 500W but it has only 1 pci-e . I think i have come to the top most picks with these two psu's
  10. I would take the Antec over TT.
  11. If not the Seasonic one, then the Antec one for sure.
  12. MechaNintendoMaster said:
    Just dont' get the Cooler Master one, please.

    Why? I have the GX750w and it works wonders?

    Coolermaster is a pretty decent make, IMO, never had a problem so i would recommend it.
  13. I think the GX series has much better quality than the real power series
  14. Antec Neo 520 is your best bet.
  15. i think , i will stick to that then , thanks guys
  16. Theres a TX650 for $110. How much are these?
  17. if you're willing to jump out the extra $20 i recommend the XFX XXX Edition 650 Watt Power Supply P1650XCAG9, it be easier on upgrading later on down the line, i myself have the 850 and wow does it work
  18. thanks guys , but i really cnt push ma budget any futher , coz am getting a hyper 212+ and a gtx 460 as well
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