How to recover the system boot files into win 7 partition from xp partition

I have two queries:
1. I have a dual boot Windows XP and windows 7. I have win 7 in C drive of 1TB disc. win xp in D drive (2tb disc). I never use the windows xp, so i want to format the D drive. But i learnt that, the boot files needed for win 7 are present in D drive, which may get lost , and create boot problems. How do i recover these boot files from D drive to C drive?
2. I am using my LCD tv as computer monitor. It does not display the booting part . It displays from the windows logging time. So any changes like selection of different OS etc are not possible. How do i make the tv to display even the booting part?
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  1. Item 1 - you have run into a small snag caused by a safety backup procedure that Win 7 uses at installation. It puts backup copies of critical files on the second HDD in your system (if there is one) and then insists they have to be there in order to boot. But if you had installed with onlky one HDD in place (thus making dual boot impossible) it would have placed those backups on the only drive available - your new one.

    You can fix this. Get your Win 7 Install disk. Temporarily disconnect power and data cables to your old HDD. Put the Install disk in the optical drive and boot from it. Do NOT do a full install. Look for a System Repair type of Install. This will put copies of the key files on your new HDD so it can boot and run from that one drive only. Reboot a couple times to be sure that is working. Then re-attach your older drive with XP on it, and proceed with your changes to it.
  2. Dear Paperdoc,

    Thanks for your reply. I am a doctor, and am not well skilled in hard ware of CPU. I have to take help of my cousin, and so it will take some time to try out the technique. Once i try out the technique, i'll immediately get back to you.
    Thanks once again for the prompt reply.
    Dr. Murali
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