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I have a 8800 GT galaxy, i am interesting in doing SLI with any card which can give i HD or Full HD display & also increase me GPU preference, thing is that I don't want to sell my old card & secondly I can't afford 2 new card & I am quite interesting the in try this concept for multi card SLI have different card for rendering & PhysX acceleration.

Any idea in much appreciated.

Ripu Daman
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  1. You can easily buy another 8800GT from any manufacturer. But we need to know more about your system.

    -Power supply
    -Monitor's resolution
  2. The details are as following :

    -Power supply : Silent Pro M500
    -Processor : Core @ quad Q9300
    -Monitor's resolution : 1920x1024
    -Motherboard: Asus Pq5 Pro

    Thing is that I have tried to buy a new card but I didn't found at that time, now I am interested in buying a new one not 8800 Gt since 8800gt x 2 will not give me full HD.
  3. Your motherboard looks like it only supports crossfire.v
  4. shadow187 said:
    Your motherboard looks like it only supports crossfire.v

    +1, it's got a P45 chipset so no SLi and I don't think that PSU could run two 8800GT's either.
  5. Single rail at 34A.
  6. Sorry but the sad fact your board doesn't support sli for the exception of a GX2 type card. You have little choice but to either upgrade to a single nvidia card that is better than the one you have or go ATI. Your board will do Crossfire which is multy gpu if you are interested.
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    For full HD gaming (1080p) the graphics card to buy in today's market is the ATI 5850. Price wise though, that is going to put you around $300 US at least. But it'll take an ATI 5850 to give you Good performance @ 1080p with high graphic settings (Of course this also depends heavily on what you're playing).

    Here's an ATI 5850 for $285 (If you're in the US)

    If that's out of the budget, you could consider an ATI 5770 ($155) or ATI 5830 ($215) as less expensive alternatives. You could run a Crossfire setup with 2 ATI 5770's, but for the money I'd rather have a single ATI 5850. Generally, I'd rather have the best single GPU I can afford, rather than two lesser cards in Crossfire or SLI.
  8. 5850 +1 if you can afford it while the 5750-70 for you are unable or unwilling to afford the 5850. I would avoid the 5830 due to poor economy for power and heat vs the 5770 and the 5850, also it is high priced. Avoid any thing less than a 5750 due to bang for buck since the lower end parts are over priced for the performance they delver.
  9. Hi,

    for crossfire will I have to change my PSU or coolermaster 500 silent pro is enough
  10. Eh. If you crossfire HD5770s you will be fine. A single HD5850 will also be fine, but not crossfire HD5850s.
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